Private Client

Computer services

We comes to the customer as soon as possible. Diagnose the problem and suggest the best solutions. You make a decision which solution is the best for You. We never take any action without your approval, so you can be sure that the costs of repair won’t shock you.

Network and routers configuration

We offer assistance in the purchase, installation and configuration of all elements necessary to create a private home network. You only give us information which you require, and we are preparing for you the best solution. We deal with both the LANs and wireless connections.

Computer repair

We are able to undertake repair of any computer device. Laptops, PCs, printers, and others. If your hardware is already after warranty and not working properly, we are glad to help You. We can diagnose the reason of the problem and offer You various possibilities to eliminate the issue, tailored to Your individual requirements and financial capacity.

Computer viruses removal

Your computer is slow? Turns off? The System is not responding? Probably your computer has been infected. If you need help in this kind of issues, just report to us, and certainly we will help you to fix your computer to a status where work on it will be a pleasure.

Individual computer and software training

If You or someone from your family or friends has a problem with handling computer or software such as, for example. a text editor or spreadsheet, we are able to organise the training about a specific topic. We offer our knowledge and experience as a work with people is a pleasure for us. This is not a group but individual training prepared specifically to your needs so that you will not be stressed and absorb knowledge will be much easier for You as we focus entirely on You, which positively affects the entire process of learning.

Information technology advice

You want to upgrade computer, replace the laptop or buy multifunction device, but do not know what? We’ll help you in selecting the most optimal solution for you. Because we are being unbiased we don’t try to sell You this device on which we have the best margin of profit, you can trust us.

Programming, and scripts writing for the client

We write programs and scripts for individual clients. It is sufficient that you specify, what functionality you need and We can offer you a solution. Also the graphic design we can prepare especially for You.

Business Client

IT Support for Business

We offer You our IT experience and knowledge. We offer computing solutions optimized to increase the efficiency of Your business. We provide both services and computer equipment.

Outsourcing IT

We offer the possibility to use resources and services of SolIT company, which cheaper and more efficiently will implement a number of IT tasks than You could do it in the own range. Our activities include daily hardware and software administration in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of company members activities. We offer full IT support for Your business, as well as the only selected objects and processes. We approach individually to each client.


We offer the possibility of solving current IT problems over the phone line available 24 h/day for each customer cooperating with us. This allows you to reduce the waiting time for fix of problem to a minimum. If we cannot repair the problem remotely, we create notification and our IT specialist is immediately sent to the place of failure.

Computer networks design, implementation and certification

We deal with computer networks design and other issues related to their functioning. Always adjust our solutions to your individual needs and general conditions in the office. We specialize in wired network (LAN, fiber optic) as well as in wireless networks. We can also offer the possibility to perform measurements and certificate your network.

Server system installation, configuration and administration

We help in the server purchase process as well as in its installation and configuration. Also offer possibility of the server administration.

Operating system installation and configuration, drivers, and software implementation

Our experience helps in choosing the best software for You. Knowledge and skills allows to appropriate set it up and give You a basic training in the software.

Website design and building (free analysis and keywords advice)

We are able to prepare for You website project according to Your requirements, and then after Your approval, deploy it and create a functional, attract customer attention – Your’s website. We are also happy to help in choice of hosting and domain and analyze the market to select the optimal keywords needed in the future for the optimization and positioning process of Your website.

Network administration and management

We are able to take over the whole activities related to the network management, such as a configuration, data broadcasting check, grant access permission, detection and defects removal. We’ll care about Your network as a network administrator, but cheaper and more efficiently.

Archiving and data recovery

We make copies of all the necessary data on media for their lifetime and fully secure storage. We offer You individual solutions adapted to the user and to the operating system needs, as well as the time needed to the backup restore. We also recover data from damaged hard drives.

We implement ability to remote work in the company and the possibility of remote IT support for the company.

Because many of our services are possible to do without the travel to a client, we offer You the possibility of remote cooperation with our specialists in order to faster response time on the problem and reduce of travelling costs. With the appropriate tools, we can connect Your computers and diagnose the problem just as effectively as if we were on the place.

Monitoring design, installation configuration, and free advice.

We offer You a range of services related to security of the company office. We execute projects and implement solutions according to the individual needs of client, including monitoring systems, image from the camera, and the access control to the office. Always glad to share our knowledge and experience in selecting the most appropriate for You components of the security system in the company.